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Sertoma International is an organization composed of business, self-employed, farming, professional, and commercial interest men and women joined together in bonds of personal friendship and united by the idea of service to mankind and their communities.

Sertoma International, with headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, is a not-for-profit civic organization with more than 20,000 members in 650 clubs across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

A Sertoma Club is an organization with membership open to those who share a common interest in civic affairs.  The Club serves as an outlet for human creativity and offers recognition and personal development of leaders in the community.

The major sponsorships of Sertoma International are speech and hearing programs and the Sertoma Foundation.

The Liberty Sertoma Club has participated in community projects benefiting many organizations, click on the link below to learn more about them:

           Club Beneficiaries

Members of the Liberty Sertoma Club come from all walks of life and participate in fundraising projects and committees, give back to the community, and lend their talents to the Club.  The Club promotes friendship and business contacts as an opportunity for community service.

The main annual activities of the Liberty Sertoma Club are the Flag Program, the Wine Celebration Dinner in February, the Golf Tournament in July, and the Trap Shoot in the fall.  Weekly meetings with a program are held each Thursday at noon.

Sertoma was founded on April 11, 1912 in Kansas City, Missouri.  The principal founders were Dr. George Smith, Dr. Charles Allen, and William Rowe.  It was known as the "Stand-Together Club" even before being organized under its official name as the Co-Operative Club.  In 1950, the official name was changed to Sertoma, coined from the phrase

Service To Mankind

reflecting the unity of its purpose and standing for teamwork in action.

The Sertoma Emblem is a Roman fasces (axe bundle) emblazoned on a shield, representing strength in unity and true fellowship.

The Liberty Sertoma Club was chartered in 1961 as a charitable corporation in the State of Missouri.

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